So it's only been 20+ weeks since my last update. Nothing much has happened in those weeks. Knocked up my wife (around the time of my last update actually) and did some studio work during the last week of December. The good part of that experience was nailing four out of five songs on the first take. The bad part was the computer crashing some days later when we were supposed to add percussion, a horn section and some vocals. It would seem that we will have to redo the whole thing....
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Fy faen!

Sometimes you just happen to meet people that really rub you the wrong way. When me and the missus were getting our asses home tonight, we took a cab. As a rule we always invite other people to share the cab with us. From my point of view, it's only natural that everyone chip in to pay the cabbie. However, when we got to Sandvikstorget the bill was approx 12 £. Naturally we would pay 2/3's or half if we brought one person along. The other guy in the taxi however got upset because we didn't pay all of it. Hanne as the naive goodhearted person she is, didn't catch his vibe, wher he just basically said, ok, but fuck off....
Enter norwegian rant: Din forbannede utaknemlige frp stemmende strilekuk! Det bør faen ikke være mulig å være så utrolig løk i hodet!! Dt var vi som inviterte deg med, slik at DU slapp å vente 20 minutter ektra...grrrrr...karate trening på mandag blir bra...

Whisky glasses and, uhm whisky

I got these nosing glasses in the mail today. I also got myself a Glenmorangie Original 10 years(OB)and a little 5 cl baby Glenfiddich. This could turn out to be a very exciting weekend as I have 6-7 other bottles that I haven't had the time to taste yet.
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So what's new?
Got married on Saturday which was a great experience, leaving on a cruise on Saturday. Got some nice grades on my exams. had a wonderful bachelor party last Saturday. good job Knut. Nothing much else to say.